Group Of Friends Decide To Explore An Abandoned House And Prompted To Call The Police After Discovering Something!

Have you ever tried to explore an abandoned house with your friends or alone?

When we hear about an abandoned house, the first thing that comes to our mind is ghosts or spirits. Recently, a group of friends decided to explore an abandoned house and were prompted to call the police as they discover something that shocked them.

According to Manila Central, the incident happened in May 2009 and cited the pair of friends live in Michigan, United States.

The two friends decided to hang out and drink together. but when they got bored, two of them decided to explore an abandoned house in their neighborhood. Rumors claimed that no one has set foot in the particular house for the past two years (from 2009). Of course, curiosity got the best or worst, of them after hearing speculations.

The two boys entered the house but not until two more companions joined them. Two of their other friends heard their plan and decided to join them or contacted by the first two. They enter the house through the basement.

Climbing the staircase towards the main door, they saw old trinkets scattered everywhere. As they finally approached the door, they saw someone sitting on the chair with its back facing them.

To others, they would probably leave the abandoned house but these particular group of people is not like them.

For a while, they figured out how they would approach the person sitting on the chair as they were extremely curious why someone would be in the house if it was supposed to be abandoned in the first place.

As they come closer, they got the worst surprise of their lives as to find out that the person who is sitting on the chair was actually the homeowner’s corpse.

Aside from that, the group also found a journal where the homeowner listed down all the food he ate and the number of cans he sold before he died. They also find out that the owner died on May 2008, exactly a year before they found his corpse. He died from a terrible case of flu, which was confirmed by his last journal entry that bore the words:

“Sick as heck. Flu. Can’t eat.”

This prompted the group to call the police and the authorities decided to call the man’s family to inform them of his untimely death.

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